Exit Strategy Stages – To Close Your Business

An exit is more than a transaction. When you understand that there are five stages to the exit process and that there is a systematic way to move through the whole process without getting overwhelmed or discouraged, you can relax and simply ‘work the process’. That’s what these five exit strategy stages are all about. [...]

Exit Planning for Your Transition to Reinvention

Ideally, exit planning occurs before action in every area. Too often business owners/CEOs assume that because they want to exit the business soon, that they just have to action to make it happen. In fact, they are often surprised by how extensive the planning is that they must work through before they can get out [...]

Race to the Exit Webinar

Here’s how to register for the webinar I told you about. Kerri Race to the Exit Date: Tuesday, February 28, 2012 Time: 5:00pm – 6:00pm Eastern Register Now: Join us for a Webinar on February 28 No One Is Addressing The Overriding Challenges CEOS Must Confront If They Want To Cash Out A Closely Held [...]

Race for the Exit

Race for the Exit No One Is Addressing The Overriding Challenges CEOS Must Confront If They Want To Cash Out A Closely Held Business When you exit your business, will you seek: An Easy Exit? A Fast Exit? OR A Systematic Process To Exit Your Business On Your Terms, On Your Timeline Get full access [...]

Who’s On Your Exit Team?

Most business owners are not prepared to exit their own business. More than likely, that includes you. It’s not your fault. No one taught you. No one showed you how to prepare for your exit. In fact, no one is really talking about any other parameter of your business except income. Here’s the question: Are [...]

Business Exit Planning Is Easier Than The US Military Exiting Iraq

The majority of business owners avoid, procrastinate, deny, postpone any discussion of business exit planning. The statistics consistently report  95% of all CEOs find excuses to not plan their exit. The anticipated fear and overwhelm are exaggerated. When you put it in perspective, exiting your business is far easier and produces many more reasons for [...]