As The CEO, Are You Expendable?

If I were to ask you, the CEO/owner of a thriving enterprise, ‘Are you expendable?’, what would your answer be? The automatic knee-jerk reaction is ‘Of course not. I’m the CEO. I’m indispensible to the organization.’ But, in fact, when you are in business, that’s the wrong answer! Indeed, you, wearing your CEO hat, want [...]

Majority of BabyBoomer CEOs Intend to Exit in Next 10 Years – Only 5% Are Ready

The majority of BabyBoomer CEOs intend to exit in next 10 years but only 5% are ready! In the US alone, there are over 17 million BabyBoomer CEOs.  They readily confirm that they want to exit their business [someday, later, 10 years from now]  to enjoy the reinvention (not retirement) they’ve been dreaming of… Ask [...]

Think Strategically – Your Vision and Exit Plan Must Agree

December 23, 2011 As we wrap up 2011 and ramp up to 2012, this is a great time to revisit your vision for the business. It’s essential to think strategically. Your vision and exit plan must agree. Strategic planning is a process, not a static step you take and you’re done. You can apply strategic [...]

The Ultimate Goal of Your Exit Planning Process

October 26, 2011 Exit planning is a complex process for business owners to undertake. Your ultimate goal is to ensure that you leave your business when you want to, with the cash you need and with the lowest possible tax implications. But even that is an over-simplification of what it takes to achieve your ultimate [...]